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The Top 4 Advantages Of Using Wood Pallets in Shipping and Logistics

Pallets are an essential component of the supply chain for any business moving products. They are a vital piece of equipment in the logistics industry used by any high-level production company. Moving items on pallets ensures that items can be transported more quickly instead of shifting products individually. Even by storing items on pallets, you can avoid issues with items being misplaced, lost, or damaged. The decrease in potential product damage can save time, money, and extra resources.

There are many different types of pallets available to use in a logistics model. Here are some of the reasons why wooden pallets are the right choice. 

Durability And Strength

The first reason to use wooden pallets in your business model is due to their unmatched levels of durability and strength. Pallets make it easy to relocate products while ensuring they remain safe during transportation.

Wooden pallets are designed to be strong enough to hold massive levels of weight. The average 36 x 36 pallet can withstand up to 4,700 lbs of weight alone. You can also invest in different types of pallets depending on the weight of the products requiring transport. Pallet manufacturing companies like Challenger Pallet specialize in various pallet types, dimensions, and quantities for any size of business.

In contrast, plastic pallets are only suitable for products with low weight capacities, not to mention have a drastic increase in CO2 emissions and fossil fuel usage. As such, they are not as useful in the logistics or shipping industry due to these drawbacks and increased price ranges to procure. Wooden pallets reign supreme in their durability, sustainability, and cost compared to any other types of pallets in the shipping and logistics industry.

Cost Effective 

It’s always important to save money while running a business. With the extra cash saved, you can guarantee that your business can increase margins and annual profits. One of the best ways to save costs in your business is by starting with typical purchases that you need in your company. If you are running a logistics business, pallets are key investments. Wood pallets are 3 times less expensive compared to plastic pallets. This is one of the reasons why they are 10 times more popular in the industry. 

Across the board, purchasing wood pallets provides the best value for money spent. If you want to cut the costs even further, you can also invest in repaired or remanufactured pallets. Since these are made from reused materials, they are available at an even lower cost than the standard pallets purchased on the market today. Manufacturing companies like Challenger Pallet ensure repaired or remanufactured pallets undergo automated processes to increase the efficiency and cost even further.As mentioned, wood pallets are also highly durable. As such, their increased longevity allows businesses to retain pallets longer without the need to purchase more.

Recyclable and Sustainable 

Green standards are more important than ever for businesses today. Clients want to make sure that they are working with and buying from green-friendly companies. Arguably, one of the biggest environmental issues the world is currently facing, is the amount of non-biodegradable products that end up as waste. Plastic, in particular, poses the greatest threat to landfills and the environment, taking thousands of years to decay. This alone is reason enough to avoid a costlier plastic product on both the business and the earth.

These products are devastating to the environment and cannot be disposed of without further harming the atmosphere. In contrast, wooden pallets are a sustainable product without the detrimental effects of plastic. Wooden pallets that are no longer suitable for use can easily be disposed of in green-friendly ways. Thanks to their recyclability, wood pallets can be rebuilt time and time again. When pallets have exceeded any levels of remanufacturing, wood can be repurposed into mulch, animal bedding, or firewood. 


Finally, wooden pallets are completely customizable. This means that you can source any size of pallet that you need for any type of product. That’s useful when transporting large items or stocking smaller products that require less space. Custom made pallets are created using the latest computer technology. As such, you can guarantee that you always receive the exact product that you ordered to the specifications your business requires.

These pallets can even be designed in different shapes. For instance, you might want rectangular shaped pallets. These can be useful for saving room and making the most out of the available space in a warehouse. You can also order pallets that will be the exact fit for your warehouse, storage space, or shipping containers. This level of freedom will ensure that your logistics business is far more effective and efficient overall. Customized pallets are also available at rates that provide fantastic levels of value. As such, you don’t need to worry about spending a fortune on these items in your business model. 

The #1 Shipping Method

As the facts show, there are numerous reasons why wooden pallets are the best option when shipping products or organizing a logistics process. With wooden pallets, you can keep items safe, reduce costs, and ensure that your business remains green-friendly. You can also choose the wooden pallets that will provide the great benefits for your business model and fit well with the products that you are moving. 

If you or your business could benefit from the shipping convenience and sustainability of wooden pallets, contact Challenger Pallet for any pallet needs.