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Let’s Debunk 5 Myths About Wood Pallets

In the pallet industry, we’ve heard a lot of things about wood pallets that simply aren’t true. We want to help debunk these myths and provide helpful resources that show the truth about wood pallets. 

Myth 1: Wood Pallets are Bad for the Environment

Perhaps the greatest misconception about wood pallets is that they are bad for the environment. But, this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, wooden pallets are quite eco-friendly. The wood pallet industry as a whole is committed to sustainability

Recycled wood and low-grade lumber makes up most wood pallets, and after businesses use them, they can recycle them again. Wood pallets that have the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification are also made with sustainable forestry practices, meaning they have a minimal impact on the environment.

All wood pallets—EPD-certified or not—have a relatively low global warming potential since they biodegrade. They produce less greenhouse gas emissions from production (5.0kg CO2-eq.) than their plastic counterparts (62kg CO2-eq.), and can offset emissions from other processes. Think remanufacturing and reconditioning wood pallets instead of making new ones. 

Learn more about how wooden pallets and sustainability here.

Myth 2: Wood Pallets Consist of Low-Quality Wood

Wood pallets are often made from low-grade wood, but that doesn’t mean they are low quality. Low grade wood is the part of the lumber that can’t be used for buildings and large construction projects. But for light framing and pallets, this wood works great, and it helps contribute to the overall sustainability factor of the lumber industry so that wood goes to use and doesn’t get thrown out. 

Wood pallets are quite durable and can be used multiple times before they need to be repaired or recycled. 

Myth 3: Wood Pallets are A Fire Hazard

This is another misconception that's based on a kernel of truth. Wood makes up wood pallets, and wood is flammable. So, it's not surprising that some people think wood pallets are a fire hazard.

But while it's true that wood pallets are combustible, they're not as much of a fire hazard as you might think. This is primarily due to the strict implementation of fire safety practices in the pallet industry and by the companies and consumers who use them. 

Myth 4: Wood Pallets Crowd Landfills

While there are some companies that send their broken or discarded wood pallets to landfills, there are many more that have practices in place to divert wood pallets from landfills. 

At Challenger Pallet, we have our own wood recycling facility where we turn broken and old pallets into other byproducts. Some parts of old pallets are also still of good enough quality to use in constructing new pallets. 

Some of the byproducts that can be made from recycled wood pallets include: 

Myth 5: Wood Pallets are Inferior to Plastic Pallets

There’s a lot of debate out there over wood pallets versus plastic pallets, but when it comes down to it, wood pallets have many more redeeming qualities than plastic pallets. 

First, and you may notice this recurring theme, wood pallets are a far more sustainable option than plastic pallets. They are made from a renewable, organic resource and have the potential to biodegrade if they weren’t being reused and repurposed. 

Wood pallets are more cost-friendly for businesses because they are made from organic materials and they take less time and real estate to produce. 

Plastic pallets are much more difficult to repair if damage occurs because they aren’t made from multiple slats that can be easily replaced. 

Wood pallets are also more durable because of the ease of repair, and there is also more friction between wooden pallets and the surfaces they rest on during transport. This means they are less likely to slide around, causing potential damage to products and themselves. 

Final Words

Don’t underestimate wooden pallets. They are a versatile product that can last the test of time as you transport goods across the continent. 

If you need wood pallets for your business, head over to Challenger Pallet. We offer high-quality new, used, and recycled pallets at the best prices. Contact us today to learn more!