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Why are Wood Pallets Used in Commercial Shipping?

Wood pallets are a staple in the commercial shipping and distribution industry. This article will explore the purpose of pallets in commercial shipping and the reasons why wood pallets are the best pallet solution.

The Pallet’s Role in Shipping

When distributing large shipments of products, it’s important to ensure the safety of those products during the transportation from the manufacturing plant to storage warehouses and distribution facilities. Pallets contribute to the safe and effective transportation of goods across the globe. 

Pallets are designed to carry a lot of weight and to absorb the impact of that weight as they are transported from point A to point B. They also allow for ease of transportation with forklifts and other machinery.

Think of a pallet like the protection that shoes offer people. Without shoes, we could still walk and get around just fine, but our feet are more prone to injury, disease, and uncleanliness. Pallets are like shoes for your products. Sure, your products could be shipped to the distributor in a cardboard box, but the potential for damage is too great to ship large masses of product without some kind of additional protection. Enter, pallets. 

The stability and load-bearing qualities of pallets allows them to hold and store large quantities of products with limited risk to the products themselves. Pallets are also easy to store and help save space since more products can be stored in a vertical space on top of each pallet. 

Why Wood Pallets?

There are many pallet solutions available–plastic, metal, even paper–but wood pallets have proven to be the best option when it comes to commercial shipping. They are more affordable, durable, and sustainable. 


Other pallet materials can get really expensive really quick. Wood is a good affordable solution. It is made from renewable, organic materials. Because of this, it takes less time to manufacture and is easy to repair if needed. At Challenger Pallet, we also offer remanufactured pallets that are created in part from old pallets to help save our customers money. 


Wood pallets are a great, durable solution for transporting goods. They wear better over time and offer a unique advantage that other pallet solutions don’t have: friction. Because of this friction, wood pallets don’t shift as much during transportation. This reduces risk to damaged products and reduces the risk of damage to the pallets themselves.  


The wood pallet industry as a whole is committed to sustainability. There are practices and regulations in place to ensure that our forests are protected while wood is gathered for materials, and wood is a much easier material to reuse, repair, and recycle. 

Learn more about how wood pallets are the most sustainable pallet solution.

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